About Us

Our Humble Story

ILMUSTUDIO Tuition Centre stared in 2004 as a private home tutoring service with special focus for accounting subject. From thereon as they say everything is else is history.

The tuition service grew from one to four students and by the time in 2004, ILMUSTUDIO had become a full fledge tuition centre in Ampang Point.

Backed by dedicated teachers and tutors, students from all walks of life came through ILMUSTUDIO with great pride and confidence that their time at ILMUSTUDIO was well served. The environment was kept as conducive from learning and most importantly the relationships built to ensure students would unleash their potentials through the centre.

Many of our students who had passed their secondary level had gone up to pursue their tertiary education at some of the top higher learning institutions both local and internationally. These students are a testimony of our culture and values and life must find balance between academic and social. Many too had come back to share their experiences with new students and inspire them to realize their potentials through ILMUSTUDIO.